Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth are a frequent cause of tooth pain while chewing. In most cases this can be fixed and you return to chewing comfortably on the tooth.

Signs you may Have a cracked tooth:

  • Tooth pain when you chew on a specific tooth, especially chewy food like bread

  • Prolonged Sensitivity to cold and especially hot - Drinking coffee may be excruciating!

  • Swelling or Tenderness in the nearby gum tissue

Sometimes there are no symptoms and an x-ray is needed to identify problem teeth.

What is a cracked tooth?

A cracked tooth has a fracture which can be very sensitive to temperature or to chewing, especially hard or chewy foods. Some people report intermittent discomfort, but only when they eat certain foods.

How does a tooth crack?

As we are keeping our teeth longer, they are exposed to more ”wear and tear”. Sometimes teeth are weakened by large fillings. Sometimes we accidentally bite on a hard object, such as a cherry pit. Sometimes teeth are affected by grinding and clenching, which is often caused by stress.

How can a cracked tooth be treated?

The treatment will depend on the location and size of the crack. Often a simple tooth colored crown or cap can stabilize the tooth and no further treatment is required. If the crack involves the root of the tooth, it may require root canal treatment in addition to the crown. Occasionally, the tooth has a split root which will require removal of the tooth and replacement with an implant or bridge if desired.

A thorough analysis of your symptoms will be performed and the treatment options will be explained to you prior to any action.

Can it be prevented?

Depending on the risk factors your dentist can suggest preventative treatment options during regular exams. These options may include use of a nightguard, placing a crown or cap on a

Operating Microscope used in providing advanced endodontic care to our patients.



The dental staff of Westwood Dental Partners will be happy to discuss this procedure with you and answer your questions. Please feel free to contact our dentists offices for your private consultation.